Do the programs use any “Cry It Out” approaches?

A Cry It Out approach (CIO) is a method based upon allowing a baby to cry for extended periods of time, without providing any verbal, or physical, reassurance.

Here at the Kind Parenting Company, we truly believe in protecting the emotional wellbeing of both you, and your little one. Our online sleep programs do not follow any “Cry It Out” approaches and instead guide you through how to implement kind, gentle and evidence-based hands-on methods that will allow you to fully support your little one through all changes the program may bring. We encourage parents to respond, assist and comfort their baby as needed.

How do I know this program is the right fit for me and my family?

We understand that choosing, and trusting, a program is a big step and these programs can be a huge investment for many families. We want to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your decision to purchase the programs, so if you do have any questions about the program and whether it will be a great fit for your family, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@thekindparentingcompany.com and we will be more than happy to talk through your situation and answer any questions you may have. We are here to help!

Which program do I purchase?

We suggest purchasing the program that correlates with your little one's current age. A lot can change for a little one in the space of 4-5 weeks so it's best to start with the age-appropriate program. So, if your baby is 6 months of age, we suggest purchasing Program 2 (5-12 months).

The only exception is if your baby is over 4.5 months, in this case, proceed to Program 2 (5-12 months). You may like to purchase a bundle pack, to ensure that you can easily transition your little one into the next program and routine. Purchasing a bundle pack also is a cheaper option, compared to purchasing the programs individually.

When can I start the program?

Program 1 can be utilised from birth and contains an array of in-depth information covering maternal sleep and preparation for the arrival of a newborn. Many aspects of the program can be implemented once your baby is earthside, however, we suggest only utilising the routine portion from 8-12 weeks of age. From any other program can be implemented as soon as your purchase is completed.

How do I purchase a program?

Simply head to the ‘shop’ tab, select the age-appropriate program (or programs) and add to your cart. Once you have proceeded to the check-out follow the prompts to finalise your purchase.

Is it guaranteed to work for my baby?

There is no way to guarantee the effectiveness of the program for each individual baby or toddler, due to an array of outside factors which may detract from results. However, by utilising the online support available, we will ensure that you are able to achieve the best results possible, for you and your family.

Is the program suitable if my baby has a medical condition?

If your baby or toddler has, or present, symptoms of a medical condition it is the responsibility of the primary carer/carer’s to seek medical approval before beginning The Kind Parenting Company program. In many cases, all or part of the program is still applicable and beneficial depending upon the medical condition. If you have any questions about whether the program is suitable for your little one, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@thekindparentingcompany.com.

How long does it take for the program to work?

Each age range, baby and circumstance are different, so some babies may show improvements quicker, while others may need some further time and consistency. We suggest allowing at least 80% consistency over the first 21 days of the program, to see the best results.

Will there be any crying from my child?

In most cases, yes. A baby or toddler will cry to communicate and express their feelings and during periods of change, this is very normal. What is important is how you are responding to these cries and assist and reassure your baby or toddler.

We never suggest leaving your baby or toddler in upset or distress for long periods of time, and the methods suggested in the program will allow you to provide hands-on support throughout these changes.

What languages are the programs available in?

Currently, the online programs are available in English.

How do I access my program?

After you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email from The Kind Parenting Company site, which will include a receipt of your purchase and a downloadable link, containing a PDF file of your program.

You must ensure that you open, download and save the PDF file within 24 hours, as the link will expire after this period. The link can only be downloaded onto one device, so ensure to choose a device that is easy to read or print from.

Should you have any issues accessing your program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@thekindparentingcompany.com.

Will I receive a hard copy of the program?

The programs are sent and accessible as a digital ebook and the video tutorials are viewable online. Should you want a physical copy, you can print your program.

Can I download this file onto multiple devices?

The link provided containing your PDF program can only be downloaded and stored onto one device.

How do I access the video tutorials or audio files?

You can find step by step instructions on how to access this content on the very first page of your downloadable file.

The link to my videos isn’t working, what can I do?

Be sure to double check the spelling and ensure that the web address you are entering is in lower case. Should you have any further issues, please email hello@thekindparentingcompany.

The password for my video and/or audio file is not working, what can I do?

The passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to triple check your code and try again. Should you have a reoccurring issue, please contact us at hello@thekindparentingcompany.com for further assistance.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of accessing all material upon receiving it, we currently do not offer refunds. Please read the terms and conditions provided before purchasing, however, should you encounter any issues with the program, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@thekindparentingcompany.com and we will more than happy to assist you further.

Can I purchase the program without accepting the terms and conditions?

No, to purchase you must view and accept the terms and conditions.

How do I opt into the Forums for either (or both) the KPC Sleep Society Forum or the Toddler Life Forum?

To opt into the program appropriate Forum, you can find a step by step instruction in your program. To be able to access the online Forum, you must have purchased the age-appropriate program and have completed your subscription, here.

Upon opting in, you will receive 14 days free access, before your monthly or yearly subscription begins.

How do I opt out of the Forum subscription?

If you wish to opt out of your Forum subscription, you can do so by heading to the ‘Manage Your Subscription’ tab and following the prompts.

You can then opt back in, at any time.

Can I share my program with friends or purchase a program together with a friend?

No, file sharing is prohibited without the express consent of the Kind Parenting Company team. Any breach of these terms and conditions can result in access to the program and/or Forum removed, without refund.

My online tutorial video’s keeps pausing or skipping?

We suggest ensuring that you have a strong internet connection and that you view the videos via Google Chrome or Firefox. You may also need to allow the videos to load fully, before watching them to allow time for the download to buffer.

I have purchased the program and have questions and/or need further support. What can I do?

We suggest utilising the 14-day free period available in the Forums, for program purchasers. These Forums have been designed to help support you through the ups and downs of sleep and behaviour and allow you to access full, in-depth and tailored support from our experienced team members.

Should the feel you need further support or one on one coaching, please contact hello@thekindparentingcompany.com.