Health, Hydration + BIBO Water Bar

You guys know I am not the most kitchen savvy mum around. My days are not focused on cooking, baking or meal prep at all. Don’t get me wrong though, I really strive to provide nutritious and tasty meals for the family, I just don’t have a lot of time.

In July this year one of our little guys became unwell, he was ill with Glandular fever and severe tonsillitis resulting in a week in hospital with a drip in his arm and lots of discomfort. It is so hard to see your child feeling poorly and in the scheme of things glandular fever is mild compared to serious illnesses, but it still was awful and sad to see our normally busy and happy little guy feel so sick. A few months earlier I was hospitalised for a week too and these two hospital stays really forced both Matt and I to assess just how much we were looking after our families health. We have always been health conscious in our food and lifestyle choices but knew we had become complacent in some areas and being surrounded by unwell people gave us a little kick forward into actively seeking more improvements for our well being.

We connected with a great naturopath and began cutting down and eliminating certain food groups that were not serving us.  The kids both began to thrive just a little bit more and so did we. The thing is, when you start seeing improvements you feel inspired to continue down the path of health and wellness.

In my early twenties I lived in an apartment that had a built in filtration system and I remember thinking, water is just water right? But I soon felt the benefits of having fresh filtered water and noticed a difference in the way I felt when drinking filtered water VS. tap water. Now that was 10 years ago and I have moved three times since then and to be honest, the quality of my drinking water slipped from my mind and fell off the radar so to speak!

After embarking on some health changes a few months ago, something that kept popping up for me was the importance of being hydrated every single day and the effects of good, clean water. Matt and I both invested some time in independent research on filtered water VS tap water and came to the conclusion it would be ideal for us and the boys to have a filtration system fitted. Then we looked into this and realised there were several options ranging from cheap to expensive and we were a bit overwhelmed with the different methods available.  So we parked that idea and forgot about it until I received an email from BIBO asking if I would consider being an ambassador for their “Water Bars”.

I have been using the BIBO Water Bar for 3 weeks now and I LOVE it. I wasn’t sure at first how practical it would be or if it would actually make a difference to our days, but hand on my heart, it has. Even Matt loves it.

Instant hot or icy cold water, you can also set the amount of water to dispense which is perfect for filling a bottle with sterilised water. It has touch screen with a lock function to avoid little fingers getting burnt or flooding the kitchen and the best thing is it is filtered and free of harmful bacteria.

But What Is Harmful Bacteria Anyway?

The BIBO Water Bar removes micro organisms and impurities found in tap water, such as cysts, copper and lead. The built in UV lamp also keeps the water sterilised, perfect for babies and toddlers.

Why Is A BIBO Water Bar Good For Parents?

All parents are busy, we have a million things on our mind at any given time and having instant sterilised water is just one less step for many parents who are currently boiling, cooling and storing water for bottles. You can set the amount of water to disperse and the temperature which is perfect for bottle feeding - it takes literally seconds to make your baby’s bottle.

The easy to use touch screen also has a lock function to safeguard curious toddlers against potential burns and spills.

Staying hydrated is one of the best things we can do our mental and physical health. Hydration is a daily practice and having refreshing filtered water on hand makes it easy to keep your glass or water bottle full. I have definitely consumed more water since having the BIBO Water Bar and so have the boys. It can save a small fortune in buying bottled water and stop those plastic bottles ending up on our beaches.


Both adults and children are losing water throughout the day, so we must habitually replenish our water stores. Often we are living with the side effects of dehydration unknowingly. Without adequate water, adults and children can feel moody, more irritable, fussier and also lethargic. We can experience headaches, lack of concentration and body aches.

Water is critical, it carries nutrients to our cells and remove waste products from major organs.  Adequate water also regulates our body temperature.

As I have teamed up with BIBO, they have kindly offered a discount code and special deal for our Sleep Mama community.

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Drinking enough clean water is one simple way to look after your health and feel good. Feeling and looking good starts from the inside and considering we are made up of large percentage of water, it makes sense to make that water the best quality you can

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