Case Study | Sleepless At 16 Months Of Age

Emily (@ej.liddi) and Micah are the proud parents of beautiful little Hazel and live in Queenstown, New Zealand. Hazel was a very sleepy newborn and was a great sleeper from between 2-6 months of age.

Unfortunately, when Hazel turned 7 months of age, her sleep regressed and Emily and Micah assumed things would get better, however after 10 months of poor sleep, they knew something needed to change.

We sat down with Emily to speak more about her journey through the Sleep Mama program.


Tell us about little Hazel’s sleep in the beginning?

We were lucky that our daughter slept well from about 2-6 months of age. Everyone around us kept telling us how much easier it is as they get older, but here I was thinking “this isn’t even hard”. It wasn’t until she was about 6-7 months of age that her sleep became terrible. We kept thinking that she would grow out of it, however after 10 long months of having to resettle her over 5 times a night, we were pulling our hair out.

We knew something had to change, so we made the decision to purchase the program.

Did you have any hesitations about purchasing the program?

I had been following Kylie on Snapchat and Instagram and really loved listening to her thoughts, so I was hoping the program would work well for us. However, we weren’t in the financial position to purchase the program and my husband was sceptical about investing money into something that may not work for Hazel, especially now that she was 16 months of age.

On Mother’s Day we saw the sale and took it as a sign, so we quickly purchased Program 3 (12-30 months).

How did you find the first week of using the program?

When we begun the program, she was already okay at falling asleep, however we would need to be sitting next to her. Even so, she would then wake up every few hours and need lots of help to fall back to sleep.

For the first few days of the program, I didn’t allow time for her to self-settle overnight as I was worried she would get too wound up and be harder to resettle. However, on night 5 and 6 I decided to allow her some self-settling time and it was definitely a turning point.

By night 7, she had her first full 12-hour, overnight sleep!

We couldn’t believe it and we still can’t believe it now! She has slept through the night ever since. It has been so amazing to get up every morning and do simple things like have a coffee, make the bed and prepare breakfast before she is even awake.

What other changes have you seen since implementing the program?

I feel so much more patience with her, especially if she does wake overnight as I know something is actually wrong as opposed to thinking “Oh great, you’re awake again”.

My husband Micah still can’t believe the changes he has seen in Hazel and often speaks the huge difference it has made to his work day and general mood.

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