With the weather constantly changing and the uncertainty of what your child/ren might be exposed to at daycare, school or out and about; it’s no wonder that we as parents are always searching on fun ways to boost their immunity. We all know that nutrition plays a role in our overall health and immunity but sometimes it is hard to always think of different recipes to get these ingredients in that children will love.

Nutra Organics have got me covered again with their "Immune Boosting Gummies" containing Natural Gelatin.

As we know gelatin has been used for generations to make all kinds of things but what I didn’t realise was how good naturally sourced gelatin actually can be for us. Gelatin is a nutritive complete protein source providing essential amino acids necessary for tissue building and repair within multiple areas of the body.

It is an odourless, colourless and flavourless gelatine powder that can be used to create some delicious treats like these "Immune Boosting Gummies" for the kids.


See recipe below for "Immune Boosting Gummies”

 ¼ cup Natural Gelatin


½ cup water


200 mL any hot liquid


Flavouring of your choice

1) ‘Bloom’ the gelatin by combining ¼ cup Natural Gelatin with ½ cup water.

2) Add ‘bloomed’ gelatin to 200mL any hot liquid with flavouring of your choice.

3) Stir until dissolved and refrigerate to make a set jelly (approx. 2 hours)

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