Introducing solids is one of the many exciting milestones in your little ones first few months of life.
The look on their faces upon tasting something other than milk is priceless (and adorable)!
It can however be a bit of a messy affair, but we have the perfect solutions to contain the chaos to make feeding stress- and mess-free!
We know you only want what's best for your mini, and that means adding fresh fruits, vegetables and purees to the mealtime mix.
Well Mama you can now feed your little one without worrying about a thing thanks to our friends at Munchkin!

~Munchkin's Squeeze™~
A portable feeding spoon that holds 140gm of baby food

~White Hot® Safety Spoons~
A spoon tip turns white when baby's food is too hot

~Stay-Put Suction Bowls~
Bowls with strong suction bases to help prevent messes & spills

And if you are getting ready for the even messier self-feeding stage check out these...

~Smile 'n Scoop™ Suction Plate & Training Spoon~

~Splash™ Toddler Divided Plates~

~SnackCatch & Sip™ 2-in-1 Snack Catcher & Spill-Proof Cup~

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