Our number one goal is to help you in every area of parenting possible and with this in mind, we have begun planning monthly speakers to share their knowledge with you. We know you will LOVE having access to these experts and professionals. In AUGUST we are excited to introduce you to a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, dentist and a hygienist.

The live chats will take place within the TODDLER LIFE forum. You can tune in live to ask questions in real time or watch the chat at your leisure as it stays live within the group even once the chat has ended. We will also post a thread in the forum one week prior to the chat so we can gather your questions. 

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Please see details below of this months guest speakers so you can get excited and prepared for their chats.


Emily is an occupational therapist who has worked with children of all ages in hospital, school and community settings in Australia and overseas. Emily has travelled extensively for work and leisure, and enjoys seeing how children all over the world learn, grow and play. 

Emily completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2005, and completed additional Post Graduate studies in Paediatric Occupational Therapy in 2011 to further her skills and knowledge for working with children and families. This has helped her in being able to problem solve with families to help children maximum their participation in every day and meaningful activities.

Some of the areas of occupational therapy which Emily has worked in includes:
+ Working with teachers to make adjustments in classrooms to suit children who learn in more non-traditional ways.
+ Providing social emotional support to help kids regulate their emotions and manage the world around them.
+ Assisting children with developmental delays to reach milestones. 

Emily has a particular interest in sensory processing, which each and every one of us manages on a day to day basis, sometimes without even thinking about it, and it allows everyone to determine their preferences for touch, sounds and visuals. Emily enjoys helping kids find ways to work through all the things they hear, see, touch (and more!) everyday and make sense of it in their world so they can continue to develop, learn and play.

Emily has worked at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, a rehabilitation centre for children in Vietnam, a school for children with learning disabilities in Fiji and currently works with refugee children and their families. 


Dr. Alawie, is a friendly, competent and enthusiastic Dentist who collaborates an exceptional eye for aesthetic perfection with a devotion to compassionate, gentle dental care. His elite dental practice, Serene Dental, combines his knowledge of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to perform the finest possible treatments for a wide array of dental problems. His patients often comment that he is an enthusiastic dentist who offers the highest level of skills along with a warm and friendly personality.

Kosta Cotsonis is Serene’s Oral Health Therapist who provides comfortable routine maintenance and care for all patients. Kosta completed his Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Sydney in 2012. Together with Dr Alawie, Kosta is highly skilled in practising holistic dentistry for all age groups, specifically children.

Serene Dental also believes in making dental care an easy experience – one that kids actually look forward to and parents feel less stressed about. Serene Dental is a contemporary practice dedicated to providing everyday people with the most optimum oral health care possible. The practice has been designed to ensure that patients feel warm and welcome, with a strong emphasis on preventative dental treatment.

379 Forest Rd Bexley, Sydney
Phone 02 9567 5770


Katrine is a graduate from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Speech Therapy (Speech Pathology) in 1993. Over two decades now in practice, Katrine has experience of 23 years in private practice and in the development and building of the Optimal Communications Company that is today.  Her recent project involving the support of her partner, Kerry Meyers, is Speech Tube which enables vital information, training and activities to reach the children and families that desperately need support the most.