”I regretted even having a baby, I was constantly angry”


"Four weeks ago I was on the verge of postnatal depression. I was exhausted, I didn't want to go out, I was mentally drained, I didn't like my baby, I regretted even having a baby, I was constantly angry, I never wanted another child as long as I lived and I was not the mum I wanted to be. Lacey was an absolute nightmare, I had to rock her for 30mins-1hr to get her to sleep, she would only sleep being held, she only slept for 3 x 30 min blocks a day and woke multiple times a night. She would never play independently and would scream if you were less than 2m away from her, she screamed in the pram, she screamed in the car, she was honestly the most difficult baby I've ever encountered. I literally would be holding her, sitting next to her, sleeping with her and/or entertaining her from 3 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock night. I wanted out!"

Lacey at 6 months old was often irritated and exhausted, she would only sleep for 25-45 minutes at a time during the day. The only way Lacey could fall asleep was with the assistance of constant bouncing and having her eyes covered, this process could take 40 minutes. If Lacey did sleep longer than 25 minutes she needed to be held for the entire duration which meant mum or dad could not move while she slept.

Lacey's mum describes the first 6 months of Lacey's life...

“She would only sleep for 1 sleep cycle in the afternoon no matter what I did so again we’d get her up and possibly feed, possibly not depending on if I’d fed her to sleep, play and by the time she was tired again my husband would get home from work and he’d rock her to sleep for 40 mins and hold her for her 45min nap. We’d play and feed until about 8 o’clock when she’d have a bath and then I’d take her to our bedroom and feed her for 1.5-2hrs until she’d fallen asleep and then transfer her. Most nights she’d wake 2-3 times where my husband would settle her. Until the 3 am wake-up when she would be inconsolable and I would bring her into our bed to co-sleep and feed on demand."

Lacey's mum heard about The Sleep Mama programs via Snapchat and decided she was tired of struggling and feeling drained. "I figured we had nothing to lose and everything to gain, plus there was a discount on so I couldn’t turn it down! I’m so thankful we purchased it “

Lacey’s family began implementing The Sleep Mama program immediately focusing on adjusting her wake periods, sleep environment and method of settling to sleep. The new age-appropriate routine gave her parents confidence in when Lacey would be due for a sleep. Adjusting wake periods throughout the day can have a significant impact on sleep quality both through the day and overnight. The family have found Lacey to be far happier and mum and dad now get blocks of time to themselves. Some families fear a routine will cause too much restriction, but in many cases, it provides more freedom as you can begin to plan outings and down time at convenient times when you can predict if your baby or toddler will be sleeping. Lacey's mum credits the routine, changes to the sleep environment and the sleep mama program for transforming her parenting experience. 

“We can go out and do other fun activities like mum’s group or coffee with friends”.

“Fast forward to today and not only is she a different baby but I'm a different person. I'm not tired, I'm happy, I don't snap nearly as much as I used to, I enjoy being with her, I go out all the time, I'm not anxious or crying all the time and I can actually see myself having more kids in the future. All this is thanks to one little sleep program by The Sleep Mama. Her program has changed our lives and even Skinner is impressed. Hands down to anyone with a difficult baby or terrible sleeper I ten out of ten recommend this beautiful lady and her programs, they are life-changing! Lacey can now independently play for half an hour at a time, we can now put her down in her cot and she settles herself to sleep in 5mins, she goes to bed at 6:30 and sleeps until at least 6am with pretty much no wake-ups and she now loves our daily walks in the pram, loves the car and will happily drop off to sleep for the entire journey and is such a happy content baby. Kylie is a miracle worker and I cannot even put into words the huge difference she has made to our family. Thank you a million times over for giving us the happy baby we knew we had and for saving me from PND, your work is amazing and we will be forever grateful.”