Case Study | Baby Emma

Amy, Luke and little Emma are a beautiful young family who live on the Gold Coast. They love nothing more than spending time as a family camping or hanging out at home with their fur babies.

For a long time, Amy and Luke struggled with baby Emma's sleep. After weeks of intensive bouncing, feeding to sleep and walking around for HOURS to get Emma to sleep, Amy knew she couldn't continue like this for another 12 months.

We sat down to chat with Amy about her journey with little Emma’s sleep.

Before deciding to purchase The Sleep Mama Programs, what were Emma’s sleeping habits like?

They were terrible! 2-3 weeks after Emma arrived I was so incredibly emotional and upset from being so tired with the constant feeding and the fact that Emma wouldn’t sleep in the bassinet on her own. She always needed someone to hold her. I remember walking around the room one night for 2.5 hours just trying to get her back to sleep and by the time she did get to sleep, she woke up not long after wanting another feed.

She just always wanted to be held, walked around with or be fed to sleep. It was exhausting, however I did it because that is what worked at the time.  She was always cranky throughout the day, so we just thought she had wind or everything else people said could be wrong. No one said it could be because of a lack of sleep.

I felt so bad once I had the understanding and knowledge of how long she should have been sleeping for and what time of environment and so on. I couldn’t believe she was only so upset and fussing because she was tired, I had no idea she wasn’t getting enough sleep.

That sounds so incredibly exhausting! How did you feel these habits impacted on you as a mama and a partner?


I remember crying to my partner saying I needed the program, I needed to learn about sleep. But, I felt bad spending money when we transitioned onto one income when Emma arrived and I thought it was just a phase and I was being emotional.

Everything was beginning to take its toll and I just couldn’t do anything because she would have to be bounced, feed or held to sleep. This happened at every sleep, all through the day and I begun to feel like someone’s slave.

Was there a particular moment you knew you needed more help when it came to Emma’s sleep?

 When I was pregnant with Emma, I always knew I wanted to purchase the program, however never got around to it as I felt guilty spending so much money on something just after she arrived.

After about six weeks, it got to the point where Emma was only having super short naps during the day, generally only 30 minutes’ maximum, 3-5 times a day. I knew there had to be something else going on, I didn’t want to believe that this is how babies were 24-7 and I knew I couldn’t do this for another 12 months.

 I finally said to my partner that I needed the program, I needed to learn how to gently teach her to sleep. At first, Luke was so reluctant, however I was just at my wits end and knew I needed to have it. 

How did little Emma respond to the program? 

I remember, the first day I followed the program Emma was 9 weeks of age. I thought to myself, I will go in with no expectations, just loosely follow the guidelines and see how it goes.

I literally could not believe what happened, she followed the program exactly! I was so shocked that she did what it was saying. After a few days of following the program, she was a completely different baby. She was so much happier during the day and easier to manage.

She went from having short cat naps during the day and needing to be held, feed and rocked to sleep, to self-settling and having 2 hour naps throughout the day. My partner was also taken back with how quickly and positively she responded to the routine and he now says the program was worth it’s weight in gold.

To this day, Emma is still great at following the routines. She has some ups and downs when she is teething, however overall she responds so well to the suggested wake and sleep periods. It is so unbelievably good to have a manual on sleep and without it, I don’t know what kind of baby we would have. It just takes away the anxiety of not knowing when she needs to sleep, especially being a first time mum. It gives you a sense of direction that you can easily tweak to suit you and your little one.

The experience using and following the programs has been absolutely amazing. Having Emma on more of a routine makes getting things done during the day a lot easier. We still can’t believe that all she needed was sleep!

I love it. I love the program’s and can’t thank you enough for creating them.

I am so incredibly happy to know you how well you and Emma are doing!

Would you recommend The Sleep Mama programs to your friends?

Oh definitely! 100%. It is more than just getting the program and getting insight into everything, you get the added bonus of being able to email through any questions. Customer support are always so nice and helpful and they never make you feel bad for sending through 20 emails, even if they are just to get reassurance or guidance on something. It’s honestly great!

I have already purchased Toddler Life so I am prepared for when Emma grows older, It is so good to know that I have it all ready to go.

So thank you so much Kylie you have definitely help my family in so many ways!

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