Case Study | At 9 Months Of Age, My Baby Woke Every 30 Minutes Overnight!

Janaye is the beautiful mama to little Parker and absolutely adores her role as his mama.

Through working within the child protection, she felt anxiety knowing some of the challenges she may face and was terrified of all the things that could go potentially wrong. 

From the moment she found out she was pregnant with Parker, she new she wanted the absolute best for him, however for months, she struggled with sleep deprivation and couldn't see an end in sight. 

We have had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Janaye about her experience with Parker and sleep and how she felt during the process. 

Sleep In The Beginning, To Now:

If I’m honest most of this is a blur! I remember being rather annoyed when my precious newborn was sleeping in hospital and we were both woken to feed! How rude I thought!

I should have enjoyed those longer stretches while I could, haha!

The newborn days were hard but probably nothing out of the ordinary. Parker woke every 2 to 3 hours for a feed during the night. However, weirdly from about 2am, he was always unsettled night after night and would only sleep on my chest, in-between feeds.

I remember thinking surely this isn’t normal!

As the months past, I started to question my abilities as a mother, I felt like I was failing and drowning in the constant advice. I felt like all he did was cry and feed! I remember feeling absolutely infuriated every time someone would say “he still isn’t sleeping”, “maybe try a dummy”, “just let him cry for a while”.

And then to our surprise he randomly started sleeping through at 12 weeks! Despite day sleeps only being cat naps and being breast feed to sleep, we were so relieved and thought we’d made it.

Boy, were we wrong!

16 weeks came and the 4 month sleep regression hit us hard! Parker was waking more than ever, 10+ times a night and he would only go back to sleep by breast feeding. I started to almost feel resentment towards my husband for not having boobs!

I was so exhausted and felt so alone, like no one understood! One thing I struggled with the most was an overwhelming need to protect Parker against everyone and everything! I couldn’t bear to have him away from me and was terrified of what might happen if I wasn’t close. I think working within child protection has made me very aware of the horrible things and people in our world and at times I let these thoughts and fears consume me!

This is still something I am working on but it was during the 4 month sleep regression that a friend reached out to me and told me about The Sleep Mama.

My husband wasn’t sold at first and felt it would be a waste of money. “How could a piece of paper make our child sleep ?”.

Months passed and bedtime was a huge source of anxiety, I dreaded night time in fact! It would take us hours to get Parker to sleep and he would wake almost hourly anyway!

So, we resorted to introducing a dummy! This definitely helped him settle quicker but it didn’t take long for the dummy to work against us as well!

Parker started waking every 30 minutes nearly to the minute to have his dummy put in!

We felt defeated! I felt like a horrible mother, I never knew if my baby was sick, hungry, teething or tired! The battle of sleep felt like it never ended, during the day he would only sleep during a breast feed or by being rocked, I lost count of the amount of times I had to toilet and hold a sleeping baby or sat and cried begging Parker to sleep! Sometimes I was lucky and pulled off a successful transfer to bed, but 9/10 times he sleep in my arms or on my chest.

I was due to go back to work full time by the time he turned 9 months old and panic starting to set in!

Eventually, one night after getting up for roughly the 16th time to replace a dummy, my husband broke! He came back to bed and said “Order The Sleep Mama Program, she can’t make this any worse!”. My 3 months of nagging had paid off!

We haven’t looked back since!

The first day we implemented it, we were both beyond shocked he slept in his cot for a day sleep for 40 minutes, woke was resettled, transferred back to bed and 45 minutes later woke again!

Who was this child!

That night – He slept through!

I woke constantly out of anxiety waiting for the cries, waiting to be up a thousand times but nope! He slept! To say we were shocked was an understatement!

Having the guidance of The Sleep Mama Programs for feeds, sleeps and play, helped more than words can described!

Prior to this all I felt like I did was feed and fight for sleep! Don’t get me wrong it was challenging at times, but knowing what we were working towards and knowing we had a plan helped immensely.

Parker has truly been an amazing sleeper and baby since.  We both feel like the routine has changed our lives for the better! Now we aren’t scared to go out to dinner because once he is asleep, he doesn’t wake.

Sure we plan our outings around his sleeps but hey, he didn’t ask to come into this world! We made that choice and the least we can do is ensure he has enough sleep to grow into the beautiful intelligent little man he is! Everyone also comments now about what a happy little guy he is!

My husband and I finally feel like confident parents! We know when somethings off, we know when he is trying to master new skills, we know when he is teething, and now Parker will often say to us “tired”, “bed please”. Who would have thought, our child would ask for bed!

The Sleep Mama Programs honestly saved our life, sanity and probably our marriage!

Obviously, when you bought out the toddler life program we were first in line! I live and breathe this program! I use it daily with Parker, terrible two’s terrified us but once we employed your techniques and spoke to him about his feelings, sat with him in the moment and offered reassurance and alternatives they are not a concern!

We now have a two year old that will tell us he is scared, on the way to start his new day-care – proud mum moment right there!

Not to mention I use these techniques daily at work! I will often recommended your techniques to carers, seeing children who have had behind a rough start to life tell you how they are feeling has truly been life changing!

It has been more than just a paper program! Buying and working with these amazing programs has lead me to a community of likeminded people and the support is endless from Kylie and Georgia!

Not to mention it has pushed me to pursue further study in perinatal and infant mental health! I got way more then I bargained for by purchasing this program!

I finally feel like the mother I aimed to be! I couldn’t recommend Kylie, her team and the programs more highly!

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