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Hello June!

Can you believe that we are already HALF-WAY through the year?!

We have hand picked some amazing speakers who will share their knowledge in the Toddler Life Forum from a variety of fields all relevant to parenting.

This months theme in the forum is Wellness and Wellbeing, for little ones and parents!

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Get to know this month's speakers below!

Kylie & Georgia | The Sleep Mama

Wednesday 6th June, 9 am

Kylie, known as The Sleep Mama, is a qualified infant sleep consultant,  baby educator and mama to twin boys.

Georgia is the customer support manager, helping families gain quality sleep, and is the Toddler Life Forum Manager, where she helps guide parents and little ones through toddlerhood.

Georgia has a Bachelor of Psychological Science from Griffith University, with a focus on child development, and has over 7 years experience working with children.

Not only will Georgia be writing weekly blogs for the Toddler Life Forum and answering day to day questions, Kylie and herself will also be doing a live Q & A, answering all questions you may have about toddlers and parenting!



Monday 11th June, 12 pm

Lilly is a Brisbane based Barre Body and Pilates instructor with a passion for yoga, meditation and mindful movement.

She is studying to be a midwife and has dreams to combine her passions to support and empower women throughout their prenatal, birth and postnatal journey. 

Lilly will be speaking to the forum about the benefits of yoga and will be running a Self Love focused class for our parents!


Emily Bishop | Occupational Therapist

Monday 18th June, 12 pm

Emily is an occupational therapist who has worked with children of all ages in hospital, school and community settings in Australia and overseas. Emily has travelled extensively for work and leisure and enjoys seeing how children all over the world learn, grow and play. Emily has worked at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, a rehabilitation centre for children in Vietnam, a school for children with learning disabilities in Fiji, refugee children and their families, and currently works in the Child Development Service in Cairns.

Emily completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2005 and completed additional post-graduate studies in paediatric occupational therapy in 2011 to further her skills and knowledge for working with children and families.  This has helped her in being able to problem solve with families to help children maximum their participation in every day and meaningful activities.

Emily will be chatting with our Toddler Life Families all about toilet training and nutrition!

Krissy Rophia | Her Nourished 

Wednesday 27th June, 12 pm

Krissy is a certified Nutrition and Health Coach and Psychology graduate. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering busy mama's to take back control of their health. She will be chatting to our forum about how to foster healthy relationships with food, for both adults and little ones.

Krissy has previously shared some amazing recipes in the forum and will be talking further about toddler + Preschool nutrition and answering any questions about mealtime worries!


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