When we become mothers it can definitely feel isolating, your whole world has flipped and everything shifts. Some shifts are amazing but others can be hard to get used too. I think as mamas we are pretty lucky to have lots of resources on hand to help normalise and navigate our new found parenthood. We can join mothers groups, social media groups, absorb blogs and gather strength from those we know personally or those we simply "follow". 

Of course dads could also use these channels to find comfort in the throes of their new dad life and some do, but many don't. I wanted to bring dads into the conversation because everything changes for them too. So I cornered my husband Matt to chat about dad life. It may just start the conversation in your house hold, whether your partner is a dad-to-be, new dad or he's been a dad for years, it's nice to reflect and connect about the huge life change of becoming a parent. 

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