May Toddler Life Speakers


Throughout the month of May, we will be celebrating everything MAMA! 

We want to celebrate the amazing mums within our community and will be providing lots of resources for mama self-care, while Kylie and Georgia's live chat will focus on mum life + self-care for all mamas. 

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We also have some amazing speakers, who you can get to know below. 

Emily Bishop | Occupational Therapist 

Live Chat:  Monday 7th May, 12 pm.

Emily is an occupational therapist who has worked with children of all ages in hospital, school and community settings in Australia and overseas. Emily has travelled extensively for work and leisure, and enjoys seeing how children all over the world learn, grow and play. Emily has worked at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, a rehabilitation centre for children in Vietnam, a school for children with learning disabilities in Fiji, refugee children and their families, and currently works in the Child Development Service in Cairns.

Emily completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2005, and completed additional post -graduate studies in paediatric occupational therapy in 2011 to further her skills and knowledge for working with children and families.  This has helped her in being able to problem solve with families to help children maximum their participation in every day and meaningful activities.

Emily will be chatting to our Toddler Life Families all about toilet training and nutrition!

Nicole |Paediatric Physiotherapist  

Live Chat: Wednesday 16th May, 12pm

Nicole is the Director of Perth Paediatric Physiotherapy in Perth, WA.

She has completed her Masters in Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy and works primarily in the area of musculoskeletal paediatrics.

She works with children of all ages, from infancy through to adolescence.

Nicole see’s infants and toddlers with concerns regarding head shape (plagiocephaly), a tight neck (torticollis), gross motor developmental concerns, arthritis and walking/limping concerns.

Nicole’s practice is strongly guided by family centred care, always considering the child in the context of their family and environment. Nicole uses education to empower parents and play based therapy to facilitate strength, coordination and gross motor development in toddlers.

Theo Mallos | Rescueblue First Aid

Live Chat: Thursday 24th May, 12pm

Theo Mallos - BHthSc (Paramedic), Intensive Care Paramedic, 2018 Victor Chang Award Recipient; is a current operational frontline paramedic working in Sydney. 

Theo has over ten years experience in emergency prehospital care. His years of experience have inspired him to become the Managing Director of Rescueblue, a baby first aid training company.

Theo's goal is to bring his knowledge from the field into the classroom to ensure that all parents are equipped with the skills required to save a child's life.  

In addition to this, Theo believes that all people have the right to learn first aid no matter their socio-economic circumstances.

As such Theo has worked tirelessly to develop courses that are easily accessed online by citizens of low income nations. 

Kylie + Georgia | The Sleep Mama

Live Chat: Tuesday 22nd May, 10am

 Kylie, known as The Sleep Mama, is a qualified infant sleep consultant,  baby educator and mama to twin boys.

Georgia is the customer support manager, helping families gain quality sleep, and is the Toddler Life Forum Manager, where she helps guide parents and little ones through toddlerhood.

Georgia has a Bachelor of Psychological Science from Griffith University, with a focus on child development, and has over 7 years experience working with children.

Not only will Georgia be writing weekly blogs for the Toddler Life Forum and answering day to day questions, Kylie and herself will also be doing a live Q +A, answering all questions you may have about self-care for mums + mum life!

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