The Passion Project Event | Introducing Our Panel Speakers!

Our next event is fast approaching and we are literally counting down the days until we can spend some time with our community.

The Passion Project Event is all about YOU.

The woman who wants "something" for herself. Whether you know exactly what it is, or you have no clue at all. We have an event planned to spark your passion and change your path.

We have hand picked these speakers for all different reasons. We just know you will click with and relate to different parts of their stories. 

Our panel dynamic allows you to ask as many questions as you like and gain the information you need and want. 

This is your chance to focus on yourself! Enjoy a long lunch, make friends and takeaway some key actions and habits that will propel you forward into creating a life you truly love.


Only 10 seats left. 

So round up your girlfriends or come along solo. Lots of women are attending on their own, so don't be shy. You'll make friends before you even find a seat. 

We have a delicious banquet style lunch planned and goodie bags you will LOVE. 

See you there xx

Judi Watts | Hampton Event Hire

Seven years ago Judi Watts was a stay at home mum with a one and a half year old daughter. Judi was asked to style a photo shoot for a friend who was a wedding photographer.

After some research about the style Judi wanted to create, she soon discovered she was unable to hire any of the furniture she needed to create the look she wanted.

Judi saw this as an opportunity to collect some items, style the photoshoot and start hiring these items to other brides who may want to create a similar look.

After one year of working from home, storing furniture in the carport, Judi soon moved into a small shed, then a few months later moved again into a larger shed, then a warehouse, then a bigger warehouse and now, six locations later their latest warehouse has been described as a minnie Ikea. After one year into the business, Judi and her husband Kris had a son, life became even busier. 

Kris decided he would take some time off work to assist Judi with keeping on track with the growing demand of her small business. Kris never returned back to work, he stayed on with Judi and they now operate a very successful wedding and event hire company. Judi first called the business Little Gray Station which soon became a recognisable brand in the event industry.

After four years, Judi and Kris wanted to shift the business from a vintage hire company to a more upmarket, luxury yet affordable, wedding and event hire company.

The business was soon rebranded as Hampton Event Hire.

Hampton Event Hire now employs 10 full-time staff and 15 casual drivers; last year they had over 800 orders for events and weddings.

Judi and Kris now have completely different roles in the company compared to when they first started their small home business. Judi is responsible for management, growth forecasting, implementing policies and procedures, inventory inspiration and forecasting trends. Kris is responsible for marketing and lead generation, importing, working with our financial team and managing the sales team.

After many successes, challengers and growth, Judi is most proud of having grown a business as a working mum with two young kids and working side by side with her husband. Over the last few years, Judi’s goal has been to build the business and team which has enabled Judi to create a great work-life balance.


Hampton Event Hire


Sasha Deacon | Beau Hudson

Sasha Deacon is the Founder, Co-Owner and Creative Director of Australian designed fashion label, Beau Hudson. 

After starting from Sasha’s dining table only 4 and a half years ago, Beau Hudson quickly expanded into a highly sought after label across the globe. Every piece of Beau Hudson apparel has been perfected, produced and packaged with love, with Sasha’s meticulous attention to every detail.

Whether it’s spotted on the kids of celebrities, the pages of a glossy magazine, or closer to home at the local park, Sasha’s excitement for seeing Beau Hudson worn and loved is no different!

Sasha has organically developed a dedicated social media following of over 200K and over the years, Sasha’s followers have come to trust her for her style and fashion inspiration.

Sasha’s warm and bubbly personality creates a welcoming environment for those around her and she treats her team like family. This is reflected in everything at Beau Hudson from the warehouse operations to customer service, where emails are smattered with exclamation points, kisses and smiley faces!

Sasha lives on the beautiful Gold Coast with her husband- and business partner- Roscoe and their 3 gorgeous boys Halen, Duke and Knox who are her biggest inspirations (and also double up as amazing sample product testers- because if a 5 year old isn’t comfortable with a fit or fabric, they won’t hold back in letting you know!) 

They pinch themselves daily to be doing what they love in such a beautiful part of the world with their amazing team and family.


P.S You can use the code SLEEPMAMA25  to receive 25% off your Beau Hudson order. 

Bridget Hunt | Clinical Nutritionist 

 Bridget Hunt recently married her partner, Ben Hunt and love life with their together with their 18 month.

Think of them as team BH!

They have recently relocated from Brisbane to Sydney, as Bridget's husband happens to play football for the St George dragons. 

Over the next few months, Bridget will have completed a Bachelor of Health science in Nutritional Medicine, qualifying her as a clinical nutritionist.

She didn’t always have a passion for nutrition, however she has always had a passion for eating and being active.

Bridget started to form an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, taking dieting and exercising to extremes to “look” a certain way. The yoyo dieting, binge eating, cheat days were just such an unhealthy & unsustainable way to live. These habits ignited a spark in Bridget that prompted so many questions of WHY, that she needed the answers too!

So, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Health science and has been on a journey to figuring out WHY ever since!

"It absolutely blows my mind that the food we eat, is broken down through the digestion process to become chemical compounds that become our cells, influence our neurological and physical function, and essentially becomes us.

Sharing nutrition for me is something I truely live for, if I can share my lifestyle with people, and if my journey inspires one person to make healthier choices to better their health, then I am successful!" - Bridget

Bridget has a nutritional blog that she regularly shares evidence based knowledge and has also worked with reputable brands such as Munchkin’s, as a content contributor.

Bridget plants to expand into the realm of clinical practice & concurrently complete a diploma of professional pilates instruction and combine the two modalities in the near future, so keep an eye on this space! 



Cass Deller | Cass Deller Designs

Cass, is a graphic designer, watercolour illustrator and hand lettering artist, based on the Sunshine Coast.

She is also a wife and a mama to her 2 and a half year old boy.

Cass established her creative business in 2013, with a strong focus on the wedding industry, creating illustrative custom stationery for loved up couples. Her business and its design focus has organically evolved over the last 5 years and as well as designing for couples, she also works with the dreamiest clients, creating beautiful custom illustrations and lettering artwork for their branding, stationery and textile designs. Cass is currently work from her home based studio and has contract designers who assist in delivering to their many design clients. 

Cass hasn't always been a graphic designer & illustrator. When she left school, she studied Interior Design and went onto specialise in Retail Interior Design (heavily inspired by her successful hospitality background). She worked her way up the corporate ladder within a large Shopping Centre organisation for 6 years, however the spreadsheets and endless meetings continued to wear her down, so she followed her curiosity and went onto study Graphic Design, which is where she fell in love with her illustration and creativity again.

From there, she took the leap into the freelance world and hasn't looked back.

"Juggling a small business and mama-hood has definitely been a learning curve, over the past 2 and a half years, and I think I will always continue to learn new ways of juggling the two. My intention is to always find the joy and stay passionate about what I am doing, in order to be the best version of myself" - Cass Deller

You can get to know more about Cass and follow her on social media, via the below channels.




Aaliya Watson | Show Off Hair Extensions

Aaliya is the owner of Show Off Hair Extension salon based in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast and “mother” to her fur babies Boston and Gypsy 

10 years ago Aaliya was living and working in hometown Sydney. By her own admission, she was an employer’s nightmare.  

“Id be a star employee in the first months followed by any excuse not to go to work. I  felt like work was just a way to pay rent & bills but I never had a sense of purpose or passion” - Aaliya

Aaliya was lacking direction & needed a challenge and change, so made a spare of the moment decision to move to the Gold Coast. 

 The only thing that Aaliya missed from Sydney was her regular visits to her favourite hair extension salon, which she had been a loyal client for many years. There were many to choose from on the Gold Coast, but none that had mastered the art of weave extensions. She would often fly to Sydney to have her favourite extension lady, whom was a hidden gem and weave master from Zimbabwe, work her magic.

Working with the dancers in the nightclub was the unlikely stroke of luck that finally created the opportunity for the real change Aaliya had been searching for. The girls would often compliment her thick mane & were shocked when she would reply “I wish it was mine their hair extensions” They constantly complained that their extensions were poorly done, looked too obvious and hard to maintain.  With no hair extensions background other than wearing them herself for many years Aaliya would be the first to bring sew-in weave extensions to the Gold Coast. Not only to share them with the girls of Queensland but went on to adapt & improve the method to suit even the finest hair 

 Aaliya started Show Off in her kitchen in 2009 starting with friends & word of mouth. Long before the days of Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

“Word quickly spread and the girl that came a few weeks ago to get extensions would come back with 2 friends. It was crazy & exciting at the same time” - Aaliya

Clientele started to build quickly, so Aaliya advertised online in hope of someone with braiding skills, so she could coach them in the method she had evolved to her own. She then found her 1st casual employee. 

After almost 18mths from home Aaliya recognised the need to add a more professional full service for her clients with colour & a qualified hairdresser. In August, 2011 Show Off Hair Extensions Salon was born. 

Two employees quickly grew to four by mid 2012 and then five by 2013.

As social media took hold Aaliya, was quick to take advantage of its power. It’s reach has given Show Off more exposure than she could have ever wished for and had seen the salon as a favourite for an ever growing list of social influencers & even celebs, but never to forget her regular clients, of almost 8 years.

One thing that has always been important to Aaliya, is that every client  has their needs listened to and the Show Off Team make sure they are comfortable in the salon. It’s a safe non-judgemental place to reveal their insecurities about their hair and get advice about getting their own hair healthy, while wearing the extensions.

“My transition from employers nightmare to business boss has been a journey filled with joy, laughter, doubt, tears and mistakes but more than anything it’s been a journey in fulfilling a potential I didn’t realise I had and if I can do it I am certain anyone can” - Aaliya


Lorraine Murphy | The Remarkables Group

Lorraine recognised a need for a coordinator of blogger and brand relationships in the Australian market and brought her background in PR, digital and communications strategy to assist brands in reaching their target audience by partnering with some of Australia’s most influential bloggers.

She launched The Remarkables Group in February 2012, throwing open the door of her spare bedroom on a chilly Wednesday morning.   The business was the first dedicated influencer talent agency in Australia and went on to secure over $1m in revenue in its first 12 months, with clients including Woolworths, L’Oreal, Nissan, Schwarzkopf, Origin, Bupa, Qantas, Bonds and Priceline.

Lorraine was named one of BRW’s Five Young Entrepreneurs to Watch and one of Dynamic Business’s Young Guns.  She has featured frequently in media, including The ProjectSunrise, Sydney Morning Herald, Collective Hub, Marie Claire, Sky News, ABC News and The Australian.

Between them, Lorraine and The Remarkables Group have received several plaudits including being named as one of BRW’s Fast Starters in 2015, Emerging Agency of the Year, Australian Start-up of the Year and Women in Media – as well as being finalists for the Telstra Business Awards, Women’s Agenda Women in Leadership Awards and the Mumbrella Awards.

Lorraine’s first book – Remarkability: How To Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You – will be coming out in June 2016 with Hachette Australia.  The book is an entertaining and practical account of the biggest lessons she has learned in her entrepreneurial and business journey.



Kylie Camps | The Sleep Mama

Kylie is the director and owner of The Sleep Mama.

When her boys arrived, both her and Matt found themselves struggling with sleep deprivation and knew there needed to be a better way to help their little ones sleep.

However, understanding the importance of her boy's emotional wellbeing, Kylie didn't feel comfortable implementing any Cry It Out methods. 

After doing lots of research, Kylie completed her qualifications and became an infant sleep consultant, initially to help her boys.

After seeing the success and feeling the difference that these gentle sleep techniques could bring, Kylie reached out to other parents in need. 

Over the next few months, the demand for Kylie's services expanded dramatically and she found herself booked out for months in advance.

She wanted to ensure that all families could access help as soon as possible and as such, she developed the first Online Sleep Programs which are now used and loved by parents both nationally and internationally.

Kylie understands the importance of fostering and supporting a little ones emotional wellness and development and helps guide parents in improving their little ones sleep quality and behaviour through kind parenting solutions.


The Sleep Mama


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