Pregnancy and Fitness With Sam Wood

Sam Wood is without a doubt a familiar face.

Many may know him (and his beautiful fiancé, Snezana) from the hit T.V show, The Bachelor.
However many may not know that Sam has over 17 years experience in the health and fitness industry and is an expert when it comes to staying fit and active pre and post pregnancy. 

Sam has developed the popular fitness program  "28 By Sam Wood", which aims to help people reach their health and fitness goals, through effective exercises and yummy, nutritional foods.

In October of last year, Sam and Snezana welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Willow Wood and throughout her pregnancy, Snezana continued to train and eat healthy with guidance from Sam and his expert team. 

We had the pleasure to sit down with Sam and chat all things fitness and pregnancy and what to do when you WANT to stay active, but struggle to do so. 

Q. 1
Before falling pregnant myself, I was really into my fitness and you would find me at the gym every morning. I always thought when the time came, I would power through my pregnancy and keep up the work outs.

However, when I fell pregnant with our twin boys, I was hideously sick. For the entire pregnancy I struggled to walk without extreme nauseas and often vomiting. I had really low energy and daily workouts were just not an option.

What would be your advice to any women in a similar situation?

The best bit of advice I can give to women in a similar situation is to take the pressure off yourself.
Focus on rest, recuperation, relaxation and good nutrition (where the nausea and vomiting allows!)
That’s not to say I don’t advise women to exercise when they’re pregnant, because I absolutely do, but it should not be your first priority. Your health and your baby’s health should always come first.
Just do what you can, when you can.

Q. 2
If you are new to fitness, is it safe to start a training regime while pregnant?

Yes, but be gentle and always check with your doctor first.
I would definitely not advise starting anything extreme while pregnant, that is something that should definitely wait. Look for trainers, classes or programs that are tailored for pregnancy and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.
The 28 by Sam Woods is appropriate to use throughout your pregnancy and we have a pre and post natal specialist that can help guide you throughout your journey!

Q. 3
In your opinion, what are the 3 best exercises to do throughout pregnancy?


Of course it is important to point out that every pregnancy is different and the intensity and volume of your workouts should be somewhere in line with what you were doing prior to falling pregnant.
I am definitely here to encourage all expecting mums to move every day in a safe way and below are some safe options for mama's to be!

Slow and controlled squats (even try with a swiss ball behind your back)
Alternate arm and leg extensions to keep your lower back strong
Most importantly… pelvic floor!

Q. 4
Are there any exercises that should definitely be avoided during pregnancy?

During your first trimester, you really only need to avoid contact sports and those that have a high risk of falling, such as skiing.

During the second and third trimester, it is likely you’ll need to avoid jumpy and jerky exercises and heavy weights, which increase the pressure on your pelvic floor and forces pressure through your back and pelvis.

 Q. 5
What are your top tips for a safe return to exercise post-delivery?

When and how you return to exercise should be entirely driven by you and should only be once you have received the all-clear from your GP.
Never underestimate the amazing changes your body has been through, take it slow and remember- it is not a race! 


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