Review | Krissy Rophia

Krissy is certified nutrition and health coach and mama to two little ones, with one on the way. 

She has an incredible passion for nutrition and shares recipes, tips and guidance through her website, Her Nourished.

To some, she may be a familiar face, as she has been providing yummy recipes and nutrition guidance to our Toddler Life Forum, over the past few months.

After struggling with her little ones sleep for months on end, Krissy reached out to us in need of support and guidance on how to help her little girl calm and settle into quality sleeps. 

Krissy was lovely enough to share her success and journey through using The Sleep Mama Programs.

Krissy Says ...

"My first son has always been a pretty good sleeper. From about seven months of age he was sleeping like a champ and had a solid and consistent routine in place.

However when our daughter was born, everything I thought I knew about sleep was turned on it’s head.

At the start, she struggled with reflux and digestive upset as the result of an intolerance.  Despite picking up on this early, we struggled with her sleep until I reached out to The Sleep Mama team.  

This was a long 20 months!

Pre-program (and while implementing the program) we were a FIFO family, with my husband away for at least four weeks at a time.  As a result of lack of sleep, we sometimes chose the seemingly ‘easy’ route of sleep aids and feeding in the night even when we knew she didn’t need it, just so we could get a few extra hours of sleep.  

We didn’t realise that by doing so we were all getting less-than-adequate sleep.

At 20 months of age my littlest love was waking multiple times overnight and often taking up to three hours to settle at any given time.

 When I reached out to The Sleep Mama team, she was also refusing day naps and I was in the early stages of pregnancy with my third baby (and struggling with extreme fatigue and nausea myself).  

Given the need for routine and consistency for us all during long work swings, as well as the changes to routine that came with dad’s breaks from work, we needed to address her sleep for the wellbeing of the entire household.

The Sleep Mama Program solidified a lot of the sleep issues we knew we needed to tackle, but what made the most impact was the ability to utilise the support provided to problem solve.

 Initially we found we had to make more ‘drastic’ changes to our routine, such as implementing a lengthy wind down period for our easily-stimulated little one.  We were able to talk through different ideas, what we felt was working and what we felt needed tweaking.

I found the program easy to understand and knowing that I could reach out for support and guidance made me feel at-ease throughout the process.  

I knew that even though I was implementing the program on my own at home, I was never alone throughout the process.  

The Sleep Mama program sat well with my values and I never felt uncomfortable implementing the suggested changes.

Within a week of consistently implementing the suggestions we noticed a remarkable improvement in our little one’s sleep.  With the exception of one night where she had a cough, she has slept through without waking. 

She has also returned to her day naps and is settling to sleep easily and without me having to stand over her cot and pat her.  She also appears more able to cope with ‘adventure days’ or slight changes to routine with the coming and going of dad.  

I also feel as though I am more present as a mum to both children with the extra rest I am getting.  We’ve been able to reduce her wind down time before sleeps to fit within our family routine so I see the changes implemented as being long-standing.

My son also has his ‘lego-time’ back, so he is very grateful for TSM program too.

We can not thank The Sleep Mama team enough for guiding us through this challenge.  

Our only wish is that we did it sooner."