Review | Baby Norah

Jess is the beautiful mother to Baby Norah, who is now 2 years of age. 

Up until the age of 9 months, baby Norah was doing pretty well with her sleeps, however after travelling through some developmental leaps, Norah's sleep regressed and Jess began to really struggle. 

Jess was lovely enough to be able to share her and Norah's journey with The Sleep Mama Programs, explaining how she found long term sleep success. 

Dear Sleep Mama, 

"My name is Jess and my little girl is called Norah. When she was 9 months old, she went through the deepest sleep regression known to man and I reached out on a limb and bought your programme.

I like to think I practise kind parenting and I struggled to find a programme that taught me how to get my little one to sleep without feeling like I was neglecting her needs, or harming our bond.

I liked her to know that I would always respond to her needs and older methods of CIO just didn’t sit right with me.

I love your programme because it not only educated me on sleep in general for babies, but it gave me the framework to adjust my expectations of what sleep looked like for my baby.

The guidelines were gentle and considerate and the process gentle and kind. I loved that you told me that I could at any point pick my baby up and console her if we were both getting too worked up.

But the biggest change for me came long term. We implemented your positive associations in the form of consistent white noise and a sleep sack, and we were hugely protective of her sleep and her routine.

Often structuring our day around her sleep needs- making sure she always had room to sleep as long as she liked in a room that was nice and dark and comfortable.

 I did wonder if she would become completely reliant on a strict routine and started to become afraid to step outside of the routine at times. However, after reading in your programme and understanding how and why it was so important, I simply couldn’t remove the value of it.

I love her too much and if sleep is that critical, then she would have it. 

Almost a year and a half later, she’s over two and has been sleeping through since eleven months and napping consistently as well!

She loves her bed, she respects bedtime, we breezed through many of the big sleep regressions ( 18 months and two year one ) and she still goes to bed no fuss at 6:30 and wakes up at 8 am- happy as a clam.

I put her down, say goodnight and she says goodnight, and she’s down no fuss. 

I am able to have me time during the evening hours, which allows me to  go the gym, which has always been my sanctuary, and spend some quality time with my partner.

Some other mum friends of mine are currently battling with their toddlers, having no distinct structure or sleep expectation, will only nap on the go in the pram or car - or not at all!

The parents will withhold a nap hoping they’ll sleep better as a result overnight ( you taught me this wasn’t the case ) and their toddlers will fight sleep till 9pm/10 pm most nights. They haven’t the time to do anything for themselves and end up catching up on housework when they finally get them to sleep.

They have little time for each other and little time for anything extra like spending time with friends or going to a class.

I always saw the reward of your programme short term, but now, I can truly see the long term rewards, and I just wanted to say thank you for educating me and always providing such amazing content.

Some mother’s will say I got lucky, and my little girl is a good sleeper. But honestly she wasn’t for the first year! I cried most nights with exhaustion.

But now, I love being a mum and I’m so proud of myself because I’ve invested so much in learning through programmes like yours.

Norah is a good toddler, she communicates incredibly well, she never tantrums ( I put this down to her always being well rested and implementing other communication tips I’ve learned from you)

I’m proud in the way that I parent and the support I received from your programme is in part responsible for that."