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It’s no secret that I live a pretty busy life, every Mum does. I feel like parenting is a marathon and we need to fuel our bodies accordingly.

When we skip meals or live off our kids left overs, we are not maintaining the level of energy we require for everything we do.

As parents we are chefs, coaches, cheerleaders, councillors, chief cuddler, head negotiator and so much more. Our bodies, brains and spirit need bolstering with good food, adequate calories and lots of nutrients. 

I am definitely not a nutritionist, but I am a busy mum and in the last 12 months I have experienced a massive shift in my energy levels and I credit this to a few things:

Actively seeking happiness

Surrounding myself with positive influences

Adding a few key supplements to my daily intake

I have shared my favourite supplements a few times before on Snapchat and Instagram, but everyday we have new people clicking follow. So we wanted to create a blog post to keep our top picks visible for those interested. 

Nutra Organics has also been kind enough to provide our community with a discount!

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Hemp Protein | Salted Cacao Maca

This protein powder takes the cake when it comes to flavour and health benefits.

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from a hemp based protein powder because quite frankly some plant based products taste less than desirable.

I was blown away with this product. It is the perfect salted caramel combo. Sweet, without being sickly and definitely has a true caramel flavour.

Hemp protein is great because:

It is a good source of PROTEIN which is necessary for tissue building, repair, growth & maintenance of muscle mass and bones.
Contains ZINC that contributes to normal fertility, reproduction and cognitive function.
Contains VITAMIN C which supports regular energy metabolism, psychological function & may reduce tiredness & fatigue.
SPROUTED & BIO-FERMENTED for gentle digestion.
PRE-& PROBIOTICS for gut support
Contains FIBRE to keep you feeling satisfied.

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Thriving Protein | Exotic Vanilla

Why we love it? 

Thriving powder has made a massive difference to our household.

Unlike traditional Whey Proteins, this one is safe for little tummies and suitable for little ones from 12 months of age. 

It is jam packed with whole-food powder built from organic, quality, nutritious, vegan ingredients that promotes growth & energy

It contains essential vitamins and minerals - iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, manganese, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C, folate and zinc. It also provides a good source Omega-3 fatty acids.

Plus it is Sugar Free!

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Collagen Beauty

Collagen beauty is a completely flavourless, very fine powder, that dissolves into any liquid and is practically undetectable.

It is 100% protein and helps me to easily achieve my protein intake throughout the day.

I add this to my morning coffee and my smoothie everyday. It is perfect to pop into your oats or yoghurt also.

Collagen beauty is a very versatile supplement and I have felt so much better since including it into my daily intake. 

Collagen Beauty positively influences skin structures and counteracts skin-ageing, improving skin appearance of the entire body and smoothing from within. It also assists with:

Firmer and smoother skin with fewer wrinkles
Reducing cellulite

Acts in dermal (inner) skin area against the root cause of ageing
Slow the process of the skin loosing its firmness
Increase skin moisture significantly
Improve gut health

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The Boy's Non-Negotiable Smoothie

I get a lot of questions about the boys daily smoothie.

I have been really open and honest in sharing the fact that the boys have been fussy eaters during toddlerhood. Matt and I made the decision to introduce a daily ‘non-negotiable’ smoothie.

Sometimes they’ll have it for breakfast and other times, in the afternoon, however we have noticed the biggest difference in their mood and behaviour since including this smoothie.

A lot of classic acting up from a toddler can stem from hunger or dehydration, and I think with our boys fussy food habits they had been missing some essential nutrients like adequate protein and good fats. This smoothie ticks all the boxes.

They enjoy the taste, we feel good knowing it’s helping their minds and bodies and we all reap the rewards of calmer kids with full, satisfied tummies. 

Below you’ll see our smoothie recipe

2x Scoops of Exotic Vanilla Thriving Power
2 x Scoops of Collagen Beauty Powder
Macadamia Milk
1 Ripe Banana
1/2 Cup Frozen Banana Pieces
1 Heaped tablespoon of Peanut Butter

Simply combine all ingredients in a blender and mix.

Kylie's Post Work Out Smoothie

1 Cup Frozen Banana
2 x Pitted Dates
1/2 Cup of Macadamia Milk
1/2 Cup of Water
1 x Scoop of Salted Cacao Maca Hemp Protein
2 x Scoops of Collagen Beauty

Simply combine all ingredients in a blender and mix.

Snacks For On The Go

A snack I’m loving at the moment is to create my own trail mix by combining the below.

I portion this into handful sized serves and find this paired with a piece of fresh fruit really gets me through that 3pm snack attack hour!

Organic Coconut Chips
Organic Hemp seeds
Dairy Free Belgium Chocolate Buttons

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Kid's Snacks

Popping corn is a tasty, nutritious snack.
High in antioxidants and fibre.

Popping corn is a great alternative to unhealthy snacks and a perfect choice for healthy lunch boxes. 

This tasty certified organic whole-food kids bar is packed with nutritional goodness including calcium for normal growth and development in children and fibre to keep the 'I'm hungry' whinge at bay.

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