One thing that mothers and fathers always want to know is, how can I help my baby sleep if he or she does not have the capability to lie themselves back down, to get comfortable and go to sleep?

Some families find it incredibly challenging when they KNOW their baby is ready for sleep but simply can not position themselves comfortably to do so, many mums tell me they feel anger or frustration when watching the monitor and their baby is unable to conquer a skill. Maybe your baby is just mastering how to roll one direction but can not go the other. Or perhaps he or she can stand up but can't get back down. The most important thing to understand is it is normal to experience sleep set backs when your baby is learning a new skill. It is proven that mastering a new ability can temporarily affect sleep quality and quantity, so apart from being patient what else can you do to help your little one because as mums and dads, it is in our bones to help our baby. 

One thing you can do is encourage your baby to master the skill during play time.  Physically show him or her how to manoeuvre into a comfortable position and encourage your baby to repeat the process with less assistance and always praise your baby while he or she attempts this new trick. 

Similarly, if your baby is old enough to locate and retrieve his or her dummy, you may like to follow the tips within the video to assist your little one in doing so. 

It can feel disheartening to take steps forward, only to be faced with a new skill but it's all normal and means your baby is developing as he or she should. Not every baby is affected by every skill, but many are and it's important to be aware of your baby's current and continually developing skill set. 

I truly hope this VLOG helps and as always, feel free to submit a topic suggestion by emailing customersupport@thesleepmama.com.

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