It was astonishing how quickly our baby responded, we have structure to our day and have taken the stress out of nap times. Giving us our evenings and sanity back.
— Elyse
I am like the old me now, my hubby has the old fun me back and the bubs have a happy and confident mum.
— Ash
What’s not to love about Kylie? When I contacted her my son was 4 months old and had started to wake every 40 minutes during day sleeps. I was rocking him to sleep only to have him wake when I placed him in his cot. We spent more time trying to get to sleep than actually sleeping! Kylie implemented some great (and gentle) steps to teach Patrick to self settle and a routine that worked really well. Within days Patrick was sleeping 2 x 2hr day stretches and mostly 12+ hours at night. A tired mama can’t ask for more than that! Thank you Kylie for giving us more happy (and well rested) time as a family.
— Sarah
I can definitely say that my relationship with my son has changed so much for the better. It’s hard to talk about the struggle with babies and sleep in today’s society because we’re sort of expected to know it all, and we’re stuck around this idea that you only have “a good baby” if they sleep well. I can honestly say now though, that we were struggling. Oliver always had a little routine going but it was never consistent. I couldn’t anticipate my nights, or days for that matter. But now I can. The structure to our days has helped build confidence in me that I didn’t realise I had as a mum. Im so much more present with Oliver then I’ve ever been, and I just feel so much lighter. I’m not carrying around all that sleep deprivation and anxiety that comes along with having young children (well it definitely feels much less anyway). I really feel like the results just show for themselves. Im such a better mum. It’s truly made such a difference in our lives, and so I truly can’t thank the sleep mama program enough!
— Johanna
I can not thank The Sleep Mama program enough for changing my life with my twins. Kylie has saved our family and marriage.
— Lynne
The Sleep Mama program changed our whole life with just a few minor changes.
— Fiona
After months of seeing The Sleep Mama’s success stories, I finally signed up. Upon receiving her email, I immediately made one small change and my 5 month old bub slept for an hour and half! He was a horrible cat napper during the day and would not sleep longer than 30 minutes which was very difficult for a working from home mum! The next 3 days we went away camping which I was very hesitate about but I still followed Kylie’s routine plan for Lucas and he still had his day naps for 2 to 2.5 hours each time! Now that we are back home, Lucas now goes for his nap without any fuss! This all happened less than a week from receiving Kylie’s email. Can’t believe I waited for so long to engage her help can’t wait to see more improvements in Lucas.
— Christabelle
I honestly thought I would never sleep longer than 2 hours again. I knew feeding my son to sleep was a major problem but didn’t know how to fix it as I was just so tired and was trying to get by each day the best I could. It did take us a few weeks to get the routine really set in place with both the boys, but with your advice and tips, it’s all come together for nap time and they are sleeping perfectly through the night. We are all more refreshed to start each day and it’s so lovely to enjoy the awake time with the boys and not dread bed time or nights like we used too. The change in the boys behaviour is amazing too. We now have two very happy boys! My husband and I are forever grateful :) Thank you so so much. We will recommend you to everyone. It saved our family from exhaustion and life is good now.
— Kathryn
I was not coping very well, I didn’t understand what my baby actually needed and The Sleep Mama program helped me now I am so confident with her. It really works for us
— Charlotte
My baby now has sleeps during the day in her own bed and sleeps through the night. Thank you so much for the life changing help.
— Katrina
From birth to 5 months, my little man was lucky to have a handful of 20min naps through the days, and many, many night wakings. We implemented Kylie’s techniques and fast forward two months and our little man is having awesome day sleeps with no resettling required, sleeping through the night & best of all - he is so well rested and happy. I wasn’t sure we would ever find something that was going to work but I really am so glad we finally did it.
— Emily
If there was one word to describe what I’ve gained from the sleep mama program it’s ‘confidence.’ From the very first day, My baby began sleeping at least 8 hours straight a night, & in the last few weeks we’ve had quite a few 11-12 hour nights! The program has given me confidence to understand my baby. If she is upset or not her usual happy self, all I have to do is look at her routine to see what she’s due for, which has given me so much more confidence in differentiating between her cries (which are few & far between now she is aware of what to expect throughout her day). The program has given me more time to appreciate my baby & enjoy our days together, rather than feeling like I’m in a whirlwind of a guessing game. My husband & I love our night times together now after her 6.30pm bedtime, I’m happy to leave her with family for a few hours as I know the program helps her feel secure.
— Charlotte