Sleep Consultant + Director

Kylie Camps is the owner and operator of The Kind Parenting Company. She is a certified infant and child sleep consultant and happiest baby educator. Kylie and her husband Matt are proud parents of five year old twin boys. Kylie has a passion for thoughtful and kind parenting. She has operated a successful sleep consultancy business and become a healthy lifestyle advocate since 2014.

Describe your perfect Sunday?

I would be up early for a run or walk followed by a coffee on my own before the day really begins. I love starting my day with “me” time before the day gets busy. A nice breakfast with Matt and the kids followed by the beach and a swim in the pool is how we spend most Sundays and it’s pretty great. If I can squeeze in a few chapters of a good book or a movie with Matt once the kids are asleep, I’m a happy lady!

What is your number one tip for new mums?

So hard to pick just one tip! For new mamas, it’s all about learning to feed your baby. Whether it's breast or bottle, it takes time and patience. I want all new mums to know that sleep deprivation is real and it can affect every area of your life. Don’t be hard on yourself and expect to feel incredible if you’re not getting enough sleep! I guess my top tip is to have a sleep plan for when the going gets tough.

What is your favourite mantra?

When the boys were newborns I just had to continually repeat and remind myself “I can do hard things” because there were so many moments that were unbelievably hard and I didn’t feel strong enough to face them but that was one mantra I regularly used.

Accounts Management + Director

Matt works within The Kind Parenting Company managing the legality side of the business, accounts and growing team. He has a business degree, loves surfing, training at the gym and competing in triathlons. His parenting philosophy is to be a great role model for his twin boys and make a difference in the life of others. He is also passionate about motivating other parents and can find his latest ideas on improving your life on his Podcast called Better. with Matt Camps. Matt also works full time as a Firefighter.

What is your favourite meal?   

You can't beat a big steak and a fresh Mediterranean salad. But if I were to pick a cheat meal it would be a home made pizza!

What is your number one tip for new Dads?

Do the chores. All of the chores, anytime you see one, do it. Take as much pressure off your partner as possible and remember, your baby is only new once, cherish those moments as there will be time for recreation later.

How is your favourite way to spend time with you children?

Phones down and give 100% attention no matter what we are doing. Wether its swimming or playing superheroes, I just try to be present and on their level.


Jordan comes from an Early Childhood Education & Care background, with 11 years of hands on experience working directly with children. She holds her Diploma in Children’s Services and is passionate about supporting families through all aspects of children’s development. Throughout her career she has worked extensively with families with additional needs children. Jordan is thoughtful, deliberate and passionate about assisting families through all stages of infancy, toddler hood and into early childhood. 

Jordan is originally from Western Australia, but now lives on the Gold Coast.

Jordan is extremely patient and empathetic, with a genuine desire to support families to be confident in raising their children and providing support during the challenging times every parent faces. 

Digital Creative

Sophie is a proud mama to her adorable one year old baby boy. She is a digital mastermind with a passion for creating beautiful spaces both online and in real life. She brings her creative talents and positive energy to the Sleep Mama team by bringing our programs and website to life.

What is your number one beauty tip?

Nourish your body from the inside and the outside will follow, I love a good skincare routine but if you are not eating whole foods and drinking lots of water your skin won't be happy. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a little bohemian and a little eclectic, I know what I like when I see it. I think your personal style in your fashion and home is a huge reflection of your personality. Be adventurous! 

If you could describe motherhood in one word, what would it be?


It's an all consuming love that you really cannot describe until you experience it. I wouldn't change one tiny thing about being a mum, it's the best feeling in the world... as cliche as that sounds, it's true.