So often as parent’s and carers, we spend our time taking photos of our little ones, partners and family members and we forget to include ourselves. 

Having professional family photos is a great way to be able to include yourself in these photos and they make for some adorable moments and memories.

We sat down with the beautiful Kaitlin from Kaitlin Maree Photography to chat all things family photography and she gave some amazing tips on how to make the most out of family sessions.

Kaitlin is a natural light, wedding and lifestyle photographer, based on the Gold Coast with over 5 year’s experience. Below are her five top tips (and an amazing discount).

Wear something you feel good in and comfortable in! If in doubt, keep it neutral and simple. Stick to soft and light grey’s, cream’s, white’s and light denims. This is my go-to advice as it ensures you will always complement each other and the environment that you are shooting in. Choosing neutrals allows you to have timeless images that are versatile and easily go with your home décor and frames. From this base, you can add colour, patterns and darker pieces and it will still compliment.

Stay away from large logos and branding, as this can be distracting to the eye.

The aim is to be comfortable and still look appropriate in the session location. 

The setting of the photo-shoot is really important as you want it to look beautiful and mean something to the family. A beach you go as a family on the weekends or your favorite park are great location options as having these aspects will make your images more special.  If you particularly love your home, consider an at home session.

As for timing, most photographers love late afternoon as this is known as “golden hour” when the sun is setting and everything is glowing. It is a beautiful time to shoot, but not if that is the time your child is usually asleep. It is best to base session times around your child’s naps and bedtimes to ensure they are their usual vibrant self.

My approach to family photography is quite relaxed and candid, I let the kids play and forget I am around for part of the session before asking for some more posed and structured smiling portraits. This allows for the kids to have fun and often the family ends up loving the candid shots of their child playing, it also helps to get those beautiful smiles at the camera too! I have found over the years, it’s best best to let everything happen naturally. If your child is being silly and not listening or smiling, just let them do their thing, play for longer and we can try again after they have calmed down. If you start to get frustrated and stressed about your child not behaving perfectly you can see this in the end result, you are not having a great time as a parent and the child is less likely to smile. Try to relax, have fun and just go with it. Your photographer is there to guide the session, let them navigate your children’s emotions and figure out the game plan.

If you have particularly shy children or a particularly wild, non-stop child, expect this to show in the photos.  This is a good thing! This is their personality. Don’t have a vision of the perfect Pinterest family photo in your head if you can’t see your children in that particular pose. Your photographer is not a magician, but should have the skills to bring out the best in your child and capture them in a happy state, which reflects their personality. 

This tip is for all the mums! The best images are when the family is just having fun, cuddling, laughing or running around on the beach! 

Forgot your photographer is there and just relax and be in the moment, don’t worry about looking perfect, second-guessing how you look or be constantly fixing your hair. Relax, your photographer has your back, they will tell you if you need to fix your hair or change what you are doing for a more flattering shot.

I hope these tips help you when you next book a family session! Photos are such a beautiful investment as your children are changing every day, so don’t hesitate to document your beautiful family whenever you can. 


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FAMILY SESSIONS start from $400: A 1-hour session, at a location of your choice. Approximately 30 edited images on a branded USB in a gift box. 

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Kaitlin x

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