Tatiana is the beautiful mama to a little man who is now 2.5 years of age. She was originally born in El Salvador in Central America and travelled to Australia as a refugee with her family. She met her husband, Ryan, while at work and as recently become a stay at home mama to her little man. We sat down with Tatiana to speak to her about her experience and journey in using the Toddler Life Program, as well as being a member of the Toddler Life Forum. You can also follow Tatiana on Instagram @mum_life_healthy_living

Q| Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your beautiful little family?

I was born in El Salvador, Central America. I came to Australia many years ago with my family as a refugee. I love this country and the opportunities that it has given me and my family. I knew that this would be the place for me to settle and raise my own family one day.I met my best friend and partner, Ryan, at work over 8 years ago. We were friends for a long time before becoming a couple, so he truly is my best friend. We spent a lot of time talking about what we both wanted in life and for us, it wasn’t marriage or a house, it was children. So after a year of trying, I fell pregnant and we welcomed our little man into the world. He is now 2.5 years of age and we love him dearly. He loves trucks, trains and anything outdoors!

I have recently become a stay at home mama after resigning from work. I had been working full time for 6 years, however both Ryan and I agreed that it would be best for me to stay at home with our little man, as I was feeling as if I was missing out on so much of his growth and development and work was becoming a major stressor in my life. It was affecting my time at home, so we decided that this would be the best decision for all of us now.

Q| There is no doubt you love your little man! However, have you faced any challenges as he entered toddlerhood?

It was a bit of a challenge to understand my little mans needs when he wasn’t able to verbally communicate these with me. It was also challenging to understand why he was acting certain ways and what I could do to help, mainly when it came to tantrums.I didn’t know how to handle these, or why he would react with screaming, biting or hitting when upset. I just got to a point where I wanted to do the same, cry and scream and become frustrated with his behaviour (although maybe not bite haha).

Q| What made you decide to purchase the Toddler Life Program and join the Forum?

I had been following The Sleep Mama for a long time on Instagram and was always drawn to her posts and view on parenting. Something Ryan and I discussed when having our own children, was that we wanted to raise them our way, which was different to the way in which we were both raised. Now this isn’t to that our parents didn’t raise us well (we turned out okay… I think haha!) but just wanted to follow more of a kind parenting approach, which is why I resonated with what Kylie was communicating.When Kylie mentioned the Toddler Life Program for the first time on Snapchat, I was so excited and couldn't wait to purchase it. I knew that through following The Sleep Mama I wanted to implement a kind parenting approach, however was unsure how to best help my little one, so the Toddler Life Program was a perfect fit for us.

Q| Some parents may be apprehensive about joining an online forum, perhaps due to previously negative experiences. How have you found the Toddler Life Forum?

The forum as helped answer many questions I have had about our little mans behaviour or reactions, as well as allowing me to feel not so alone through the ups and downs of parenting and toddlerhood.  As parents, we experience so many things with our little ones, and sometimes we don't talk about because we think we are the only ones going through it or feel like we aren't doing something right as a parent. Things that we may be too ashamed to talk about or don't want to put our hand up and ask for help. Honestly, I have felt so comfortable asking questions in the Toddler Life Forum and I am so grateful for all the support and information given from others, including the amazing monthly guest speakers and the Toddler Life Forum manager.  

Q| How as the Toddler Life Program and Forum been able to help both you and your little man?

Both the program and the forum have helped answer so many questions that I have had for a long time, as well as any new questions that pop up as our little man grows and develops. It is so comforting to know that the program and forum is there for me when I need it, at anytime. Although it has been great for our little man, I have also been able to make changes within my self! I have more patience in general but as well with our little man and have gained so much understanding of our little mans mind, behaviour and responses. I used to think parenting would come naturally for me and I would automatically know how to raise my child and know what to do in every situation. I have always followed my motherly instinct but the Toddler Life Program has taught me so much more. It was like seeing things from another perspective, that I wouldn't have thought about or saw myself.

It is not a ridged guide on how to raise your children, it's a program that helps you to understand your child more, behaviours, tantrums, communication and so much more. I highly recommend the Toddler Life Program and Forum and forum to all parents.The forum is an amazing bonus to accompany the Toddler Life Program. It’s a community of like minded parents, who follow a similar parenting style and travel through the ups and downs of toddlerhood, just as you do.