We are here to hold your hand through every stage of infancy and toddlerhood. Our programs are here to give you the confidence and techniques to transform your household. We love to guide, assist and encourage you through this journey! Our bundle options for parents and carers who would like to have access and resources for each new stage and phase. The KPC bundles allow you to purchase multiple age brackets and take advantage of a big saving! 

The core principles and methodologies of the KPC remains consistent across all age groups and topics however in each program you will find age specific and relative content. Not only can you download the incredibly detailed programs instantly, you also receive unlimited access to the audio tracks. Our new audio tracks are the perfect tool for all busy parents, it means you can select the chapters or topics most relative to you and listen in whenever and however you can! The sleep programs also include unlimited access to the sleep video tutorials. All programs include 14 days FREE access to the relative forum. Our Sleep Society Forum and Toddler Life Forums are the perfect place to progress through each program, receive support, ask questions, share wins and also talk through the tough moments. Parenting is a wild ride and we are here to make life easier for you! Our Forums also include live chats with a variety of experts from early childhood educators, speech pathologists, first aid instructors, naturopaths and more. 

Includes Unlimited access to sleep tutorial videos: Sit down and watch our easy to understand videos as often as you need. The videos are broken down into 7 short videos totalling just under 60 minutes if watched in full.

Unlimited access to audio files: We understand parents are busy and may not have time to read the program from cover to cover. To combat this problem we have created audio files! You can tune in and listen to Kylie Camps talk you through each chapter of the program. This means you can listen while you are on the go, whether it’s in the car, on a walk or while you are cleaning the bathroom of folding the endless piles of laundry. You can listen easily through your smartphone at any time.

14 days free access to the KPC Sleep Society Forum: Our online forum is the place to be for all of your sleep and parenting needs. You can share your wins, hard times and ask questions in the forum. The KPC Sleep Society is the support component of the program and a KPC Customer Care Manager will be available in the forum to answer questions, offer guidance and share tips. We have live chats every month with a range of experts including first aid chats, lactation consultants, midwives, speech pathologists and more.

After 14 days you will have the option to opt out or stay in the forum. If you opt to stay on as part of the sleep society forum and enjoy the content, the monthly subscription fee is $9.

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