The toddler years are a wild ride! All of a sudden your baby is changing and entering a new and unfamiliar territory. As a parent it’s confronting to be faced with new and sometimes unexpected behaviours like hitting, melt downs, biting, tantrums and testing the boundaries. It can be hard to know how to respond! We completely understand. The Toddler Life program is here for you, it will transform your journey through toddlerhood and change the way you connect with your toddler. Toddler life also covers sleep for little ones between the ages of 2 and 4. We are here to hold your hand through the toughest hood in town- toddler hood! We have you covered with proven, evidence based kind parenting techniques. Not only can you download your incredibly detailed program instantly to refer to at any time but you can also have unlimited listens of the audio files and 14 days completely free in the KPC Toddler Life Forum.

Unlimited access to audio files: We understand parents are busy and may not have time to read the program from cover to cover. To combat this problem we have created audio files! You can tune in and listen to Kylie Camps talk you through each chapter of the program. This means you can listen while you are on the go, whether it’s in the car, on a walk or while you are cleaning the bathroom of folding the endless piles of laundry. You can listen easily through your smartphone at any time.

14 days free access to the Toddler Life Forum: Our online forum is the place to be for all of your sleep and parenting needs. You can share your wins, hard times and ask questions in the forum. The KPC Sleep Society is the support component of the program and a KPC Customer Care Manager will be available in the forum to answer questions, offer guidance and share tips. We have live chats every month with a range of experts including first aid chats, lactation consultants, midwives, speech pathologists and more.

After 14 days you will have the option to opt out or stay in the forum. If you opt to stay on as part of the sleep society forum and enjoy the content, the monthly subscription fee is $9.

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  • The Toddler Brain

  • Individual Temperament

  • Terrible Twos & Threenages

  • Toddlers & Questions

  • Encouraging Independence

  • Encouraging Social Interactions

  • Modelling Social Interactions

Toddler Activities & Playtime

  • Playtime

  • Sensory Processing

  • Encouraging Independent Play

  • Reading To Your Toddler

  • Screen Time

  • Chores + Contribution

Communication & Behaviour

  • Communication

  • Manners

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Biting

  • Hitting

Meltdowns & Tantrums

  • Meltdowns Vs. Tantrums

  • How To Respond

  • Common Triggers

  • Mastering a Positive Thought Pattern & Plan For Parents


  • Right From Wrong

  • Yelling

  • Smacking

  • Time Out’s

  • Punishment vs Consequences

  • Laughing When Disciplining


  • Returning to work

  • Choosing the right daycare

  • Settling in

  • New Behaviours at daycare

  • Daycare sleeps

Family Dynamics

  • Team Parenting

  • Preference For One Parent

  • Introducing  A New Sibling

  • Sibling Relationships

  • Fighting Amongst Siblings

  • Competition Between Siblings

  • Comparing Your Toddler

For Parents

  • What To Do When You Have Moments Of Despair

  • Self-care & Full Cup

Anxiety, Fears & Phobias

  • Clinginess

  • Separation Anxiety

  • How To Help

  • Stress, Distress & The 3 F’s

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

Fussy Eating

  • 10 Top Tips

  • Non-negotiable Smoothie

Toilet Training

  • When To Start

  • Portable Potty vs Toilet

  • Night time Toilet Training

Sneaky People + Red Flag Feelings

  • Stranger Danger vs Sneaky People

  • How to Teach Your Toddler

  • What Else Can You Do

  • Helping A Toddler To Understand Their Body

Your Toddler And Sleep

  • The Two R’s

  • Positive Associations

  • Toddler Sleep Environment

  • Age-appropriate Sleepwear & Temperature

  • Comforters

  • Routine

It’s Time To Sleep Little one

  • Establishing Rituals

  • Preparing Your Toddler For Sleep

  • The Sleep Mama Settle & Resettle: In The Cot

  • The Sleep Mama Settle & Resettle: In A Toddler Bed

  • The Stay & Settle Approach

  • Protest vs. Emotional Crying

  • Settling & Resettling FAQS

  • Success & Progress Log

Common Sleep Hurdles

  • Dropping The Daytime Nap

  • Delay Tactics At Bedtime

  • Early Morning Rising

  • Identifying Negative Sleep Props & Unsuccessful Behaviours

  • Co-sleeping & Room Sharing

  • Removing The Dummy

  • 18-month Sleep Regression

  • New Skills

  • Teething

  • Night Terrors

  • Fear Of The Dark

  • Night Lights

Big Bed Fun

  • Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

  • The Escape Artist