January Speakers + Alphabet Month

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

We have lined up some amazing speakers for the month of January, PLUS will be sharing all things alphabet!

We will be having daily letter's, activities, recipes and more!

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Krissy Rophia- Her Nourished

Live Chat | Tuesday, January 9th 12PM

Krissy is a certified Nutrition and Health Coach and Psychology graduate. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering busy mama's to take back control of their health. She will be chatting to our forum about how to foster healthy relationships with food, for both adults and little ones.

Krissy has previously shared some amazing recipes in the forum, however this months chat will be all things body imagine, before and after having little ones.

Website: hernourished.com

Instagram: @her.nourished


Katie Dean- Your Wild Life

Live Chat | Friday, January 19th 12PM

 Katie Dean is not your typical motivational coach, or a typical anything. She’s a writer, motivational maven and the woman you want on your team. Katie is a new thought mindset mechanic, a researcher on how to debunk fear and is here to shine a light for women seeking confidence, clarity and courage.

Her book Becoming Brave - A Sassy Woman's guide for Turning Fear into Bravery is set for release in 2018. It’s filled with colour, her own unique style of seeing the world, cuss words and real talk in an unquestionable way that is all her. This is Katie’s first traditionally published text, and the woman undoubtedly delivers on every count. 

Katie Dean will be chatting to the forum about:
Staying sane whilst wanting to act insane
Supporting our littlest loves
Transitions between homes

You can get to know Katie more, through her social media channels.

WEB: www.yourwildlife.com.au 

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/ktdean.com.au 

INSTAGRAM: @ktdean_yourwildlife

Christal Fuentes- The Ladies Coach

Live Chat | Tuesday 23rd of January 12pm

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and BREATHES her belief which is that you can’t find fulfilment in life WITHOUT mastering the art of relationships! 

While taking on clients one-on-one, she noticed that not only were they mostly women, but no matter what goal they wanted to achieve, or problem they wanted to resolve, it ALL came down to “A” relationship. Whether it was the relationship with themselves; with others; or a belief they had physically, spiritually, or financially.

Upon figuring this out, she wanted to be able to reach more ladies because the truth is… WE ALL are connected and go through the same problems and she felt she could best do this online.

Christal will be talking all things relationships with family members and how to navigate some of these trickier dynamics, such as:

Overbearing In-laws
Disrespect Towards Parenting Style
Not Getting Along With Family Members

You can get to know Christal more, though her social media channels

Website: www.theladiescoach.com
Facebook: The Ladies Coach
Instagram: @theladiescoach

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